(Red Kross) is an F3 cross between the Baox and Finola varieties. For each cross both male and female plants were hand selected from thousands of plants in the field for their individual phenotypes. Specifically breeding for structure, short stature, speed of development, terpene production and of course CBD content.

The (Red Kross) takes anywhere from 90 to 120 days to harvest depending on the phenotype. This spread in Harvest dates is considered an attribute because it allows the farmer to harvest the crop over an entire month rather than one week.

Thus, cutting down on the need for large drying facilities and large work forces required for varieties that have short Harvest windows. When started at the end of May (Red Kross) begins to harvest in late August and finishes at the end of September yielding anywhere from 1/2 to 2 pounds of biomass. The ratio CBD to THC is approximately 20:1 with some phenotypes expressing ratios of 30:1.

Red Kross


(Blue Kross) is our F2 cross between the Red Kross, Sour Tsunami, ACDC & Harle-Tsu varieties. We have developed a non-detectable THC Variety through a rigorous selective breeding process. For each cross both male and female plants were hand selected from thousands of plants in the field for their individual phenotypes. Specifically breeding for structure, short stature, speed of development, terpene production and of course CBD content. The (BK) takes anywhere from 90 to 105 days to harvest depending on the phenotype. When started at the end of May (BK) begins to harvest in late August and finishes at the end of September yielding anywhere from 1 to 2 pounds of biomass.

Blue Kross

Seed Buying 101

Know the lineage of the seeds you are buying.

Try to buy for a legitimate distribution company or breeder that has been in business no less than 2-3 years. If you buy from a broker or start-up the chances you are getting the real product is very low.

Do not just believe a Certificate of Analysis (COA) put in front of you. Many people switch COA's and we prefer to get a sample of the flower to test at our own lab. There are a lot of salesman trying to make a quick buck and will tell you the seeds are 25% CBD and no THC just in order to make the sale.

The old saying still applies "You get what you pay for" The last thing you want to do when buying seeds is go for discount or cheap seeds. There is no such thing, the seeds are cheap for a reason!

Buy seeds from companies with certified seeds or working with certification programs on licensed farms.

Buy seeds that are stable. Newer varieties have not had a chance to be grown out over multiple harvests are not stable so there is a chance with new varieties that the results will not hold true.

If they can only do Cash transactions and they are not working with a legitimate banking institution. RUN!

Understand the benefits and pitfalls of growing Full term varieties Vs Auto-flower and short term varieties.

Who We Are

Founded in 2018, the Pharmers Seed Union is one of the only trade organizations in the United States for the Hemp Seed business. Its membership consists of over 150 companies involved in hemp seed production and distribution, plant breeding, and related industries. Our mission is to be an effective voice of action in all matters concerning the development, marketing and movement of hemp seed, associated products and services throughout the world. Pharmers Seed Union promotes the development of better certified seed to produce better crops for a better quality of life. We connect the best Seed breeders with the best Seed buyers.

What We Do

Pharmers Seed Union, directed by its members, is involved in nearly all issues relating to plant certification, focusing on three areas of industry importance:

Regulatory and legislative matters at international, national and state levels;

New technologies impacting all crop species; and

Communication and education of members and appropriate public audiences regarding science and policy issues affecting the hemp seed industry.

Activities include enhancing the visibility of hemp seed issues in the public arena; advocating industry-wide positions on policy issues; informing members about environmental and conservation issues and new developments in plant breeding, such as the use of modern biotechnology; conducting meetings to inform members about seed issues and to encourage fellowship among hemp seed professionals; promoting global sales of US hemp seeds; funding select seed breeding or research programs; and maintaining positive working relationships with related professional organizations.

Strategic Goals

Pharmers Seed union is an organization formed and directed by its members as an effective voice of action in all matters concerning the development, marketing and movement of hemp seed, associated products and services throughout the world. This mission is supported by the association’s advocacy efforts regarding intellectual property rights, regulatory and phytosanitary reform, and regulatory harmonization worldwide in the seed sector.

To assure success of its mission, Pharmers Seed Union is guided by a comprehensive strategic plan that details the opportunities, objectives and necessary actions to meet the many challenges facing the hemp seed industry now and in the future.

Intellectual Property Rights

We can help you advance the use and respect of intellectual property rights protection for the hemp seed industry globally.

Domestic Policy

Be a respected, leading voice on domestic policy issues impacting the hemp seed industry.

State and Local Issues

Be recognized as an effective national resource to assist in resolving state and local hemp seed trade issues.

International Programs

Improve opportunities for member companies to do business in international markets.

Pharmers Seed Union Membership & Internal Matters

Constantly improve the internal operations of Pharmers Seed Union to more efficiently serve the the members, with continued emphasis on the importance of protecting the genetics and ensuring we always protect this plant that is so sacred.

Please email us for more information on how to join.

Specializing in problem solving, we have 25 years of industry knowledge to give the best quality cost, high results service.

Turning farmers in to Pharmers is our motto. Transitioning agriculturally is not as easy as a DIY. You can go to youtube and try to learn how to do this, but I promise you there will be a lot of trial and error. We are here to cut that out and teach you the right way to get the best bang for your buck right from the start. We have been working in the Oregon Hemp Program from the first year its been legal and have gone through our trail and error to get to this point to be able to provide such a service. In 2018 we did over 200 acres in Ca and over 350 acres in Oregon. We've averaged a 20k net an acre minimum and that can be provided to you. We are very comfortable with large scale farming and work with Fortune 500 companies.

Between all of our "Pharmers" we have many different projects in multiple different states; dealing with a wide variety of problems and knowledge to to handle those problems in the best possible way to not harm the product.

Hemp Bio-Mix is our proprietary blend of hemp fiber, short cut hurds and mid cut hurds. Perfect aggregate binder for lime, concrete, asphalt and many other fiber-reinforced mixtures. An innovative processed natural hemp-based fiber has been developed for use in concrete and Asphalt.

In place of conventional synthetic fibers, which are derived from hydro-carbon (oil and/or gas) feedstock. A driving force behind this development has been the desire to produce a truly sustainable green fiber with dramatic reductions in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere during fiber and gravel production, compared to the synthetic (mainly polypropylene) fibers currently being used in the concrete and mountains being blasted to pieces for rocks that get crushed. Synthetic microfibers have mainly been used in concrete and asphalt to help mitigate early-age plastic shrinkage cracking. In the absence of adequate protection and initial curing, plastic shrinkage cracking has been an issue in the shotcrete industry.

Natural fibers have been used in building products such as brick, mortar, and plaster since ancient times for the known benefits they provide to such products. One of the strongest and most durable of natural fibers has been hemp-based fiber, the same product widely used in marine ropes. Up until now, such fiber has, however, not found any significant use in portland cement-based products.

Hemp Bio-Mix Uses:

You can use Hemp Bio mix as an aggregate substitute for residential or commercial projects. Here are some of the binders we recommend to use.

• Lime • Cement • Asphalt • Rubbe • Plastic

The environmental impact of concrete

Hemp Bio Mix is dedicated to the preservation of mother nature. We want to have a significant impact on both greenhouse emissions and Aggregates extraction which rips apart our beautiful land and mountains.

Global warming

The major environmental impact caused in the manufacturing of concrete derives from the use of cement. The manufacture of cement is responsible for between 5 – 7% (depending on source) of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. 40% of the total cement emissions are due to the use of fossil fuels (usually coal) to heat the cement kilns to 1500°C and the remaining 60% is from the transformation of limestone at high temperatures (‘decarbonation’).

Aggregates extraction

Most aggregates derive from land-based sources, though approximately 20% of sand and gravel is dredged from the seabed. The quarrying, processing and transportation of land aggregates contributes to the depletion of resources, degradation of the landscape and the consumption of water and energy. Marine extraction continues to provoke debate over the long-term effect of offshore dredging, particularly on coastal erosion, fisheries and other marine life.


25lb bales - $35.99

Custom Bales - TBD

Do you want more fiber or more short cut hurds added to your mix? We can custom blend your Hemp Bio Mix to get the perfect aggregate substitute for your project.

Hemp Bio Mix aggregate substitute

for residential or commercial projects

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Jane Doe

Stephen "Junior" King

With over 20 years of combined cannabis production experience and bringing unique skill sets to the hemp industry. He coined the phrase "Helping Farmers Become Pharmers" Junior specializes in assisting farmers in the transition to industrial hemp farmers or "Pharmers" Junior is the breeder of the famous (Red Kross) strain and has been developing his varieties to perfection the last five years.

Junior was a cannabis breeder and medical grower before entering the newly legalized domestic hemp industry in 2015. Today, this pioneer operates one of the world’s leading cannabis breeding companies, with research and production sites in Oregon & California.

Jane Doe

Ian Dixon

Currently very active in project acquisition, vendor and partner relationships with a primary focus in commercial cannabis build outs of grow operations and extraction labs. The last 5 years of his career have been focused on Clear oil production and high quality, cannabis flower distribution. Mr. Dixon currently runs a fully licensed Type 7 manufacturing and Distribution facility out of Oakland, Ca and a fully vertically integrated 15 acre project in Atwater, Ca. His Lab is currently top 5 in production capacity in the state of California.

Prior to working in this space, Mr. Dixon spent over 12 years in various aspects of finance with a concentration in commercial real estate and secondary marketing. He has worked in multiple capacities including project acquisition, land entitlement, negotiation, finance and project management. Mr. Dixon owned and operated multiple real estate brokerages and an Inc. 500 bank employing over 300 employees nationwide. He has successfully partnered with multiple fortune 500 companies such as Med Men, ABG, Tapout, Reebok, UFC, Dr. Smoothie, Focus Brands, Chevron and Starbucks.


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